Kenneth Bothwell is becoming a college football commodity of late, but the news is surprising to him.

Following his first three scholarship offers, the Gadsden (Ala.) Southside running back admits each of the extensions came somewhat out of nowhere.

"I mean it feels really good to be honest," he said, "They came when I was least expecting them, but I’m blessed. Just have to stay humble and stay in these books."

Coming off of a junior campaign in which he averaged better than seven yards per carry, Bothwell made big plays en route to more than 1,500 yards (1,222 rushing), including 14 total touchdowns. It is part of the reason South Alabama, Tulane and Central Michigan jumped in the mix early with offers.

But there wasn't much build up before the 6-foot, 180-pounder learned of the scholarship news.

"The coach from Central Michigan just called my coach out the blue and said we have to have him," he said. "And the coach from Tulane came to the school, asked if he could see film on me and then he watched the plays and had seen enough. They said I'm fast and explosive so they were going to offer for sure.

"The South Alabama coach said the coaching staff really loves my film and stuff, 'so we're going to offer.' So yea they just came out of nowhere."

As Bothwell's 2017 video continues to make the rounds, many other college football programs are taking notice.

"Auburn has been on me," he said. "Coach (Tim) Horton texted me the other day wanting me to come down Saturday. UCLA been texting me, Purdue really loves me.

"I think they're going offer soon, maybe Navy and some more."

The increased attention will result in many visits going forward.

"I've got Auburn Saturday, South Alabama March 17th," Bothwell said. "I've got to go to Tulane, I'm going to visit Purdue, I'm supposed to go to Kentucky and Arkansas, too.

"I’m just trying to find a good place where I’ll be comfortable and it seems like home. I want to be in a good environment, I don't care about the weather, wherever I go I just want a good foundation."

247Sports has yet to rate Bothwell within the class of 2019.