- Player enrollment update:

* DT Jamari Chisholm expected to be enrolled soon

* WR Damion Miller's status is still up in the air. TBD

* Syracuse grad transfer TE Kendall Moore (No. 88) is enrolled and practiced Monday

- The players lounge was messy, so Herman is not letting the players into their new locker room for another two days.

"It wasn't malicious, but it was messy, because they forgot," Herman said. "It's not a habit yet. So they'll have to wait a couple more days, and we could extend that if they don't earn it in practice."

- Herman would like to name the starting QB with two weeks to go before the season opener

- For Sam Ehlinger to win the starting QB job, Herman said he'd need to see "decisiveness."

"Sam is a really sharp guy, really cerebral guy," Herman said. "A lot of times that can be a bit of detriment, because you'll have a guy thinking about his mechanics and or reads or protections. And I told Sam today, 'You worry about all that stuff in drills. When it's 7-on-7 or 11-o-11 just play football. Stop thinking and just play.' I think he did a better job of that toward the end of practice."

- On what Shane Buechele showed Monday: "That he has a voice. He's a lot more vocal. I heard Shane a lot more, which is good."

- On Connor Williams being more of a vocal leader: "As long as Connor is taking care of the offensive line, I'm good. And he's done a decent job of that."

- Herman said some players - like Buechele - who are being counted on for more vocal leadership in their position groups include Naashon Hughes, P.J. Locke, Malik Jefferson and Jerrod Heard.

- Herman said the team is "night and day " better than Day 1 of spring ball.

- The team has lost 500 pounds of body fat while adding 380 pounds of muscle

- The team has increased its average vertical jump by 1.5 inches

- Back squat maxes increased 70 pounds per person in 8 months - so that means some guys increased by 100 and some by 40.

"And it's much more noticeable out there in terms of stamina and being able to run around and bend and be strong at the end of practice as well as the beginning," Herman said.

- Chris Warren III has had a "really good summer" and "has done everything right." Warren weighed in at 254 pounds , and Herman said 250 pounds would be a good season weight for Warren.

"Even at 250 pounds, Chris (Warren) is explosive," Herman said. "He's a freaky athletic talent that way."

- Coaches don't know yet if they can count on RB Kirk Johnson as he rebounds from what has been a series of knee and ankle injuries.

"He's a guy who is battling because he loves football," Herman said. "To see him out there today was encouraging. We'll see. He's done everything we've asked him to."

- Friday will be the first day in full pads. Saturday the team will scrimmage.

- Herman said he hasn't seen a snap of game film of Maryland. He said "we'll worry about winning a game down the road."

- Guys who could emerge out of a redshirt - Herman singled out WR Reggie Hemphill.

"He's added weight to his thin frame, and he needed to, because he'll be blocking nickels and linebackers in the slot," Herman said. "We need him to produce, because that slot position has been incredibly productive for us in the past."

- On what Herman likes about Hemphill: "He's explosive in and out of his break. He's got really good hands and he's from Manvel, so you know he was really well coached coming out of high school. He was obviously physically weak when he got here last season, and he's getting stronger, and he needs to keep getting stronger. But you can tell Reggie is football smart."

- Herman said Hemphill, Devin Duvernay and Armanti Foreman are all guys who will battle in the slot.

- On praise for his D-linemen, Herman said Malcolm Roach, Poona Ford and Chris Nelson deserve praise for the summer they had.

"Malcolm had a really good summer. So did Poona and Chris Nelson," Herman said. "But I've said if those guys are playing 75 snaps a game for us, we're in trouble. So we need some of the other guys like (Gerald) Wilbon, (Andrew) Fitzgerald, Taquon (Graham), (D'Andre) Christmas and (Chris) Daniels to come on."

- Celebrated the Champions Dinner for the third leg of Herman's "season" on Sunday night and "two-thirds of the team" was deemed a champion, which includes input from their position coaches, academic counselor, Yancy McKnight and Herman.

He said some of the 33 percent who missed out were eliminated due to circumstances out of their control - specifically Herman mentioned Chris Warren III.

"Chris did everything we asked of him," Herman said. "But he got sick (with mumps) and missed a certain number of workouts that couldn't be made up. Did Chris have a great summer? Yes. He had a great summer. But he missed too many days and became ineligible to be a champion this time."

- Reggie Hemphill, Armanti Foreman and Holton Hill are a few guys who will get a look at punt return early on.

- When asked how he'll make sure his team has its legs to start the season, Herman said he'll taper workouts the two weeks leading up to the opener.

"For now, it's go, go, go. I told them last night, 'I know your capacity for effort in Practice 11 is going to be different from Practice 2,'" Herman said. "But it still needs to be your best. You still have to empty your tank and give your teammates everything you have and be emotionally and physically exhausted after every practice."