The NFL is under fire for the quality of its officiating again this season.

Kevin Boilard criticized the state of NFL officiating on Wednesday's episode of The Boiler Room, saying that the league should be more concerned about lousy/inconsistent officiating should concern than protests before or during the national anthem.

Watch the 247Sports anchor rip into the subject in the video below.

Many have attributed the NFL's shaky television ratings to fans boycotting broadcasts because of protests. Boilard lays out the case for unsatisfactory officiating as the more bothersome issue for those who have been following pro football, citing several articles that malign the league for rising penalties from over the years.

"On one side you have poor officiating, on the other you have players kneeling," Boilard says. "One affects the on-field product, the other doesn't. If I'm an NFL executive, I know which one I'm more worried about."

NFL refs are coming off a particularly tough week. The New York Jets had a touchdown taken away from them on a review that few people understand, the San Francisco 49ers had another game decided by a controversial pass interference call, Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry scored a questionable touchdown that wasn't formally reviewed, and now over 60,000 fans have signed a petition to ban Pete Morelli's crew from calling Philadelphia Eagles games.

Check out the full episode to watch Boilard break down the entire NFL, revealing the most penalized and least penalized teams in the league this season.

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